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Below I am listing links to various documents relevant to my philosophy 106 class.

106SylS2017.pdf, the Spring 2017course syllabus.

106Lec1.pdf,first lecture handout for those who missed it.

106Lec2.pdf,second lecture handout for those who missed it.

106Exam1.pdf,which is the assignment sheet for the first exam from last term. The exam for the present term will be similar.

WarPaper.pdf,which is the assignment sheet for the first paper which was used Fall 2016. The first paper for Spring 2017 will be similar but give a different choice of possible wars.

ExamReviewFall2015.pptx is a file of the powerpooint slides from October 5, 2015 about how to do well on the exam.

106HungerEmpirical2014revision.pdf, is the handout from the September 15, 2014, with links in it to sources about the first exam topic. It is now a bit dated.

Link to Oxfam Page on East Africa.

New location for Reinhard reading on Princeton's website to replace old link on syllabus is

Slides from 3/28/2012 about Rawls including links to article on tax rates and student loan rates..

Africa Map.

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