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Below I am listing the courses that I have taught at UNL over the years. Chances are I will be teaching most of them again in a somewhat similar format to that used in the past. The exceptions are undergraduate and graduate seminars which tend to change more over time as my research and student interest changes. Some of these will likely be repeated, but others will never be, at least in the forms previously taught.

I intend to give a short description of each class below, and to have a link to a recent syllabus for each course available relatively soon.

Philosophy 106: Philosophy and Current Issues (pdf of syllabus viewable with Adobe Acrobat reader).

Philosophy 213: Medical Ethics (pre-session class).

Philosophy 320: Ethical Theory (pdf of syllabus).

Philosophy 325: Advanced Social and Political Philosophy. (pdf of syllabus)

Philosophy 400: Undergraduate Seminar.

Philosophy 823: Graduate Ethics Core.

Philosophy 920: Metaphysics of Moral Properties.

Philosophy 920: Consequentialism and Anti-Consequentialism.

Philosophy 925: Democratic Theory.

Philosophy 925: Political Philosophy.

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