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I'm going to start something new on the site - links to other sites with similar cabins, and timberframe info on the web. I've been getting a good number of emails from people with similar projects in mind and some of them have gotten them off the ground and put photos on the web. So I'll be adding links to their sites periodically. This page is where I'll collect them, though I'll also mention them in the main text as I add sites to this page. I encourage you to check out the cabins below as there is much to be learned from these pages.

An Alaskan Timberframe

The first site I'm linking is about a cabin built by Matthew McSorley up in Alaska. He's got stuff about it on his website at: . It is a neat project and he's a much faster builder than I am! Take a look.

Lou Ureneck's New York Times Cabin Blog

The 12/11/2008 New York Times had an article by Lou Ureneck on his cabin project in Maine. And it said that Lou would be blogging about his cabin as he worked on it at . The first two postings are up now. At this point he's put in concrete piers for footings and has posted a small plan of the intended cabin. Construction will be timberframe and he too is on the edge of a national forest but in the East. His cabin is going to be significantly larger than mine and will have a room for him to write in (he's a journalism professor). It should be fun to keep track of his progress.


It's now more than a year since Lou started the blog on the Times site and his cabin is nearly done. (In the interim he interviewed me at this times link .) He now has ambitions to add a barn and shop, even though his time blogging for the times is about over. So he's started a blog of his own to keep us updated. It is at .

A Beautifully Photographed Montana Cabin Blog

Bob at is beginning a timber frame cabin project in Montana. His photos are exceptionally nicely composed (The above comes from his site). As the photo also reveals he seems to be even more of a hand tool enthusiast than I am.

A North Idaho Cabin Blog

neuwave at Timberframing a North Idaho Cabin is well along on his project in Idaho, even while he is working on a group timberframing project with some other folks. The quality of the work and flooring is very impressive and it seems he has a bit more space than I do, but not huge amounts. I especially like how neuwave was able to use boards for the ceiling for a much nicer look than the underside of the plywood I used to sheath my roof. I believe you can see it in the photo above and you'll see much more on his site if you click the link. The related group project is at

A Small Cabin Website Where 'Small' Does Mean Small

There is a small cabin website at: which has useful advice on how to approach building a small cabin of roughly the sort that mine qualifies as. It looks like he has good advice and also a place to blog. A worthwhile place to check out if you are going to try this sort of thing.

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